CONDOR – Cumbia, Electro Cumbia, de Rennes !

CONDOR – Cumbia, Electro Cumbia, de Rennes !

Le 10/09/2016
20h30 / gratuit

The comeback of the mythical dutch band of the 90′s, after 15 years of absence !

For those who knew the Belgian clubs and the New Beat surging in 1988, CONDOR is the symbol of psycho beat, new transient groove of the blessed era when acid reigned over Benelux.

In 1992 after two legendary singles « Pull Over Up » (1986) and « Kro Kro Dice » (1988), CONDOR faded out of memory shortly after their Latin American tour in 1991. In this tour they lost two founding members associated with the Renewal Triangle sect

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