WASTED CONVERSATION – Country Blues, Original Rockabilly (vintage)

WASTED CONVERSATION – Country Blues, Original Rockabilly (vintage)

Le 07/06/2015
20h30 / gratuit

Sounds Like: Wasted Conversation, the fall, a cat in a washing machine, Jean-Michel Basquiat
Label: independently independent
Manager: duke cottonhead

JOURNALIST: your music is very »garagey ». which groups are important for you, and is there an artist you place on a pedastal?
DUKE: LINK WRAY(native american descent), DAN SARTAIN, THE LAST POETS, GUITARWOLF, SUICIDE. pioneers and bravehearts all! on a pedastal; only one really, in terms of long-term impact on my life; JOHNNY ALLEN HENDRIX. another guy i admire bigtime is JIM JARMUSCH. but, even innovators stand on the shoulders of those who came before and paved the way…..all inspirational art from the soul.

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